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      Part I Reading Comprehension(60 marks,60 minutes)



      Directions:There are 4 passages in this part.Each passage is followed by five questions.For each of them there are four choices marked A,B,C,and D.You should decide on the best choice and blacken the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet.

      Passage one

      Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following passage:

      It is often claimed that nuclear energy is something we cannot do without.We live in aconsumer society where there is an enormous demand for commercial products of all kinds.Moreover,an increase in industrial production is considered to

      be one solution to the problem of mass unemployment.Such an increase presume(s意味着)an abundant and cheap energy supply.Many people believe that nuclear energy provides an inexhaustible(用不完的)and economical source of power and that it is

      therefore essential for an industrially developing society.There are a number of other advantages in the use of nuclear energy.Firstly,nuclear power,except for accidents,is clean.A further advantage is that a nuclear power station can be run and maintained by relatively few technical and administrative staff.The nuclear reactor represents an enormous step in our scientific evolution and,whatever the anti-nuclear group says,it is wrong to expect a return to more primitive sources of fuel.However,opponents of

      nuclear energy point out that nuclear power stations bring a direct threat not only to the environment but also to civil liberties.

      Furthermore,it is questionable whether ultimately nuclear power is a cheap source of energy.There have,for example,been very costly accidents in America,in Britain and,of course,in Russia.The possibility of increases in the cost of uranium

      (铀)inaddition to the cost of greater safety provisions could price nuclear power out of the market.In the long run,environmentalists argue,nuclear energy wastes valuable resources and disturbs the ecology(生态)to an extent which could bring about the destruction of the human race.Thus,if we wish to survive,we cannot afford nuclear energy.In spite of the case against nuclear energy outlined above,nuclear energy programs are expanding.Such an expansion assumes a continual growth in industrial production and consumer demands.However,it is doubtful whether this growth will or can continue.Having weighed up the arguments on both sides,it seems there are good economic and ecological reasons for sources of energy other than nuclear power.

      1.According to the passage,what can help solve the social problem of unemployment?

      A.Developing science and technology.

      B.Increasing the industrial production.

      C.Increasing the demand for commercial products.

      D.Providing an abundant and cheap energy supply.

      2.Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons why some people support the nuclear energy?

      A.Nuclear energy cannot be used up and it is clean.

      B.Nuclear energy saves money and manpower.

      C.Nuclear energy is symbolic of the scientific development.

      D.Nuclear energy brings people comfort and convenience.

      3.Which of the following statements may the writer agree with?

      A.Nuclear energy programs will undoubtedly continue expanding.

      B.The demand for commercial products will surely keep growing in any case.

      C.Uranium is a good source of energy for economic and ecological reasons.

      D.The increasing cost may possibly force nuclear energy to withdraw from the market.

      4.The writer mentions the nuclear accidents in America,Britain and Russia to show that.

      A.if an accident should happen,it would cost a lot of money

      B.there will be no uranium to be used in the future

      C.nuclear waste is a potential danger to human health

      D.nuclear energy will finally destroy the human beings

      5.What is the writer's attitude towards nuclear energy?

      A.Indifferent B.Tolerant C.Negative D.Supportive

      Passage Two

      Questions 6 to 10 are based on the following passage:

      Lloyd Slocum was unemployed for 18 months,but like hundreds of thousands of Americans,he's working part time this holiday shopping season,unloading trucks and stocking shelves for a Bealls store in Port St.Lucie,Fla.

      “It gives you something to look forward to,”says Slocum,29.

      He plans to use cash to buy his father a Christmas present and hopes to move on to a full-time position with Bealls/Burke's stores,a Sunbelt chain.

      Black Friday,the official start of holiday shopping heat,also kicks off the less-celebrated season of the part-time worker.Retailers(零售商)alone are hiring about 500,000 seasonal employees this year,most of whom are part time,according to the National Retail Federation.Retailers'recent shift to opening on Thanksgiving or midnight on Black Friday has intensified the need for part-time workers.

      Holiday jobs offer financial and emotional lifeline for many of the nation's jobless.They also point up a troubling reality:A near-record number of Americans are working part time throughout the year,even though they would prefer full-time jobs.It's not just because of the recession(经济衰退).Economists cite a broader,longer-term shift toward part-time work as employers cut expenses and more precisely match staffing with ups and downs of customer demand.

      The number of part-timers who really want full-time positions—so-called involuntary part-time employees—has risen from 8.4 million in January to 8.9 million last month,according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.The total has hung at 8.5 million to 9 million since early 2009—double the pre-recession level.

      By contrast,the total of unemployed Americans has stayed flat at about 13.9 million this year and is down from about 15 million in late 2009 as employers had added 2 million or so jobs.The gap shows how the nation's official 9%jobless rate doesn't fully reflect the effect caused by a half-speed economic recovery.

      6.Lloyd Slocum is one of those Americans who.

      A.volunteer to unload trucks and stock shelves

      B.seek only full time positions with retailers

      C.prefer to be paid in cash to checks

      D.take part-time holiday jobs

      7.The employers offer seasonal jobs for holidays mainly because.

      A.business is getting slower

      B.customer demand grows

      C.less-celebrated season ends

      D.full-time positions are filled up

      8.In America,“Black Friday”usually marks the beginning of.

      A.24-hour work shifts

      B.Thanksgiving dinner

      C.Christmas celebrations

      D.a holiday shopping season

      9.Why does the writer say“holiday jobs offer financial and emotional lifeline”?

      A.They are a steady staff supply for employers.

      B.They give hope and support to the jobless.

      C.They help cut the expenses for retailers.

      D.They point to a troubling reality.

      10.The growing number of part-timers indicates that.

      A.there is a noticeable shift in attitude toward work

      B.the unemployment rate has reached a record high

      C.American economy is recovering unsatisfactorily

      D.the nation's official jobless rate is not reliable















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