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      PartⅡIntegrated Testing(30 marks,30 minutes)

      Section A Cloze(共20小题,每小题1分,共20分)

      Directions:There are 20 blanks in the following passage.For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage.Then blacken the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet.

      Sandra had not been to Las Vegas in more than a year.She was 36.Her sister Janice was coming by to 37 her up in about ten minutes.Sandra

      finished putting her toothbrush and toothpaste into her travel the last two items on her“to pack”39.

      38;those were

      She had called ahead to get a room for Janice and herself.The hotel told her that

      no more rooms were available at the price newspaper.This was no surprise to Sandra.

      40 was advertised in the 41,she put down a$100

      nonrefundable deposit on a room 42 two nights.

      She looked at her watch.Janice was late,43.Sandra had forgotten to

      44 Janice of today's departure time.To 45 it kindly,Janice was not

      46 the most organized person in the world.Sandra called Janice up.She left a short 47:“Where are you?It's time to go to Vegas!”

      A few minutes 48,Janice called back.She had a big problem—a

      schedule 49.She had already promised to attend her daughter's eighth-grade graduation ceremony this 50 weekend.

      “Oh,Sandra,I'm so sorry,”Janice said.“I know how 51 you had wanted to do this.I thought Alice's graduation ceremony and party were next week.I get so 52 sometimes.I'll make this up to you,I 53.Maybe you can call up Lily;she might be 54,even though it's really short notice.

      55,don't worry,I'll pay you for everything and we can make plans again.”Sandra sighed.








      43.[A]above allof course[C]to be frank[D]in a word












      55.[A]Even soOtherwise[C]If not[D]However




      Section B Short Answer Questions(共5小题,每小题2分,共10分)

      Directions:In this part there is a short passage followed by five questions.Read the passage carefully.Then answer the questions with no more than 10 words.Please write your answers on Answer Sheet.

      Leading scientists around the world are meeting in Britain to consider a proposal that could eventually see Greenwich Mean Time become a footnote in history.For more than 120 yeas GMT has been the international standard for timekeeping,but it is now under threat from a new definition of time itself based not on the rotation of the Earth,but on atomic clocks.

      GMT is based on the passage of the Sun over the zero meridian line(子午线)at the Greenwich Observatory in southeast London,and became the world standard for

      time at a conference in Washington in 1884,France had promoted Paris Mean Time at the same conference.In 1972 it was replaced in name by Universal Coordinated Time(UTC)but that essentially remained the same as GMT,UTC is based on about 400 atomic clocks at laboratories around the world but then corrected with"leap seconds"

      (闰秒)to adjust itself in line with the Earth's rotational speed,which fluctuates.

      But the tiny difference between Earth speed and atomic speed have become a problem for GPS,the global positioning systems and mobile phone networks on which the modern would relies.

      The meeting in London are looking at the possible effects of abandoning the leap seconds and moving fully to atomic time.That would see atomic time slowly move apart from GMT,by about one minute every 60 to 90 years,or by an hour every 600 years,and there would need to be."leap minutes"a couple of times a century to bring the two in line.British science minister David Willetts has opposed the plan by saying:"We should stick to real time as experienced by humans.Without leap seconds we will lose contact with the reality of Earth's rotation.Eventually our midnight would happen at noon.”

      In January,the International Telecommunication Union will meet in Geneva to

      vote on whether to adopt the new measure,despite protests from Britain.

      56.Leading scientists are considering replacing.

      57.What will be voted on at Geneva meeting in January?

      58.What is new measure of timekeeping based on?

      59.Leap minutes can be used to

      60.How did Britain react to the proposal?


      Section A From Chinese to English

      Directions:Complete the sentences by translating into English the Chinese given in the brackets.Please write your translation on Answer Sheet.(15 marks)

      61.The more careful you are,


      62.Not until he finished writing his report


      63.Parents(往往起到重要的作用)in their child's personal development.

      64.The government should

      (把减少失业放在首要位置)in time of financial crises.

      65.When the teacher asked Joe

      (他是如何解开这道数学难题),he smiled and handed her a book.Section B From English to Chinese

      Directions:Translate into Chinese the underlined sentences in the following passage.Write your translation on Answer Sheet.(15 marks)

      As I've said many times,Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.No gifts.A good meal.Often a four-day weekend.66)But what I like best about the holiday is that it gives us time to actually pause and think about what we're thankful for.And I have much this past year.A good relationship.(Got married.)Good health.(I have a new knee!)Good times.(A vacation in Argentina.)

      Not that I can't,and don't,take it all for granted on occasion.It took a mongrel dog thousands of miles away to make me aware of my good fortune.And she did it with just a wag of her tail.

      While in Argentina on vacation,we stayed on a villa(别墅)outside of Cordoba.

      Its name:Dos Lunas.It sits at the end of a dirt road that seems to never end.

      67)When we finally pulled onto the villa,a dog appeared out of nowhere,eager to greet us before we even got out of the car.

      Her name was Branca.She had wandered onto the place a couple of years ago,hungry,homeless,in need of a good bath and a good meal.To their credit,the hosts took her in.68)And no fool she,she decided to stay.In return for room and board,she now works as the mascot(吉祥物).A perfect fit for everyone involved.

      Branca and I bonded immediately.For four days,she went where I went.69)She

      sat under my table at lunch,she ran alongside us as we rode horses up through the hillside.I suspected it didn't hurt any that I fed her from the table,that I scratched her ear as I sat and read.At night,she slept curled up on a chair,not far from our room.It was her chair.All the guests quickly learned that.

      Her tail swept the ground whenever I happened to ask if everything is OK.

      70)She was beyond thankful to be right where she was.And so were we.

      Happy Thanksgiving.

      66)But what I like best about the holiday is that it gives us time to actually pause and think about what we're thankful for.

      67)When we finally pulled onto the villa,a dog appeared out of nowhere,eager to greet us before we even got out of the car.

      68)And no fool she,she decided to stay.

      69)She sat under my table at lunch,she ran alongside us as we rode horses up through the hillside.

      70)She was beyond thankful to be right where she was.

      Part IV Writing(30 marks,30 minutes)

      Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the

      topic City Problems.You should write about 120 words following the Chinese outline given below.


















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